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Heat Shields

Hello, and thank you for taking a few minutes of your valuable time to learn some painless steps you can take to substantially minimize expenses on your 172XP, 180, 182 and 185 aircraft during your next maintenance visit. I have been an A&P technician since 1990 and during that time have worked at F.B.O.s mostly specializing in Cessna aircraft. We see many of the same problems over and over again.


It's all about preventive maintenance!

In fact, I can honestly say that one problem in particular was evident in over 95% of our new annuals or new customer aircraft. This problem was the beginning of, or in many cases, was a full-blown maintenance emergency! The problem is that the heat from the exhaust pipe burns the paint from the engine mount, and corrosion inevitably sets in. Tubing damage is usually pretty obvious, but sometimes it is painted over. For deeper inspection remove a little paint with chemical stripper, or a wire wheel, then inspect the exposed steel tubing underneath. It is hard to believe that many mounts are actually filled in with paint over the deep rust pits. This allows the corrosion to continue all the way through the tubing wall. Corrosion of the engine mount can be a very dangerous condition.

Engine mount tubing wall thickness is fifty thousands of an inch thick .050 on standard Cessna engine mounts. According to Cessna technical representatives, "Damage of ten percent or only five thousands of an inch into the engine mount tubing wall results in an un-airworthy condition." That's about the thickness of a match book cover. The cost for labor to remove and reinstall an engine and mount, plus the cost of an engine mount repair or replacement, can easily run into the thousands.

You may wonder why your mechanic has never noticed this before. There are many different levels of proficiency and thoroughness in the maintenance industry and I can proudly say that as an A&P I have extremely high standards. I want to help you save your mount from further damage or if it's already in need of repair, to make sure that it never happens again.

I offer a simple low cost and FAA approved solution to help you avoid some major financial pain. Our heat shields protect your engine mounts from exhaust pipe heat damage. The shields can be installed in about 15 minutes once the cowling is removed. The complete kits include installation hardware, instructions, and a copy of the Supplemental Type Certificate. OAD heat shield kits are complete, fit perfectly, and they are guaranteed to work.

Over 4500 of our STC'ed engine mount heat shield kits have been installed since 1998.

Also, take a look at your intake shields for cracks around the rivets and for broken tabs; we offer a much nicer heavy duty PMA'ed version with de-burred holes and polished tabs.

STC 180-182 Engine Mount Shields

Heat Shields

STC 180-182 Engine Mount Shields/STC 180-182 Engine Mount Shields

  • Specify Single or Dual Exhaust
  • List: $238 per Kit

STC 185 Engine Mount Shields

STC 185 Engine Mount Shields/STC 185 Engine Mount Shields

  • List $241 per Kit

STC Engine Mount Shields for Cessna

STC Engine Mount Shields for Cessna / STC Engine Mount Shields

  • For Cessna aircraft equipped with the Seaplanes West heavy-duty mount STC #SA01573NY.
  • List: $253 per kit

STC Hawk XP Engine Mount Shields

STC Hawk XP Engine Mount Shields

  • Models: R172E, R172F, R172G, R172H, R172J, & R172K
  • List $301

PMA Intake Shield

PMA Intake Shield

  • The PMA Intake Shield replaces the Cessna O.E.M. shield for 0-470 & 0-550 engines.
  • List $36 Each

Ground-Run Filter

Ground-Run Filter / 180/182 Ground-Run Filter

  • Fits 1960 to 1986 models.
  • This protects your engine from foreign object damage during cowling-off ground runs.
  • Our filter clips onto the air box in seconds and fully filters the incoming air.
  • List $89 Each