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Hirth, Rotax Sales, and Service

We are authorized distributors of Hirth engines. Please call for advice on the engine and gear ratio/prop combo to order for your application. Please call for technical info and pricing for your application.

Shop Rate

  • Our shop rate is $98 an hour, and we are darn fast!
  • A written warranty and a detailed invoice will be provided on all work performed.
  • All repair work will require a signed work release and waiver form from the customer.
  • An OAD warranty of 6 months or 50 operational hours is standard for repaired or overhauled engines.
  • A free log book with a concise A&P entry will come with your engine if you do not already have one.

Custom ENGINE Paintwork

Call today to learn more about our custom paintwork, which includes plastic bead blast and chemical cleaning. We use 500-degree paint on engines and 1,500-degree paint on exhaust systems. Your choice of colors eliminates further corrosion and looks "show quality"!

F30-ES Engine

Left Side Of an Engine

Large Engine and Red Frame


F-30 Searay

F-30 Aircmd

F-23 Fisher

F-23 Belite

2706 Rev

Challenger Re-drive

2706 Beaver